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Kutch Rann Utsav - A perfect fiesta under open sky


Experience of Gujarat's Distinctive Cultural Festival

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Kutch Rann Utsav - A Perfect Fiesta Under Open Sky

Rann Utsav at Kutch, Gujarat is becoming famous globally day by day because of its vibrant and colorful arrangement. Kutch Utsav is a stupendous winter meet. It happens when the air is fresh and the moon is at its fullest. This year 2017-'18 rendition is planned for November 1st, 2017 to February 20th, 2018.

The span of the celebration is much grander than the one you think. The festivals being arranged in the white Rann of Kutch which is located in the Bhuj district and the whole locality goes affair amid the praising months. The celebration is set up at a makeshift camp, a city made of numerous AC and non-AC tents at Dhordo village which is easily accessible Bhuj Airport. So for becoming a part of this splendid festival, make your booking through official online site

The Thar Desert is an astonishing salt wetland with a shimmering scene of white sands over the skyline. Furthermore, it stays rested submerged till the celebration arrangements begin. Appears like nature saves the excellence just to commend this incredible mix of various forms of life.

The Gujarat Tourism Corporation of Limited guarantees you a lifetime of experience and unforgettable memories. From hoarding to shopping, the Rann Utsav has everything secured under its bunch offerings of people moves, crafted works, touring, star looking and a few different experiences. A cultural feast With folk performers, you can actually live your dreams of enjoying the bonfire in the desert while lightning the true folk music. So, just attempt for Rann Utasv Packages Booking and enjoy the festival. Know More about Kutch Festival Visit

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